REIGNITE TRIBE... It's not Just about Network Marketing- It's about making a real difference.

Learn how to build a results based business, whilst learning with a family that truly cares about your future

Introducing the REIGNITE TRIBE.

​A tribe for Conscious Network Marketers, by Conscious Network Marketers.

The Reignite Tribe is an exclusive subscription based community that gives you access to everything you need to grow and scale your Network Marketing business whilst learning more than just skills and techniques, in fact you'll also learn everything needed to become more present, more aware and more connected with building your business. 

Most importantly, the Reignite Tribe is your home and a family of conscious contributors, providing you with an experience and a place to truly belong.

We are a global community of out of the box thinkers, positive, passionate, driven, visionaries, and the types of people who are looking to make a larger impact in the world. We value every one of our connections, their experiences, their perspectives and their energy, and we invite you to embrace your Reignite family with open arms. Our tribe is the essence of everything we do. And your contribution to this space enhances and amplifies our core reason for existence.

As a Tribe member, you have the ability to plug into the Reignite educational platform through select Reignite Webinars, Reignite Mini Courses, discounts on our exclusive Reignite Experiences, and an opportunity to participate in empowering Tribe only discussions, monthly contests and more, whilst having the ability to connect daily with your teachers (Your Reignite Eagles) and your tribe; a community that totally understands and embraces you. 

What excites us the most about the Tribe is not about all of the countless hours of education, nor is it about the quality of the technology we use to deliver this education- rather it is the people that can come together and elevate our profession and our life experience as a whole. 

The most important part of the Tribe is one simple ingredient.. YOU.


A new wave;

The Conscious Network Marketer

Conscious Network Marketers do business with their values, wellbeing & their community at the forefront of everything they do. They have a level of awareness to do well by doing good and a strong desire to co-create something greater than themselves.

The conscious Network Marketer finds great satisfaction doing what they do beyond the money and recognition.

They are the change makers, the passionate, driven visionaries looking to make a real difference in the world.

And they are creating a powerful shift and reigniting many dreams in the process.

The Reignite Tribe is the home for Conscious Network Marketers.

When you make the decision to align with us, you immediately become part of our Reignite vision- to positively contribute to making a difference not just because of the industry that you’re in, or because of the mindset you have, but because you choose to surround yourself with people that value you.

We use technology to connect likeminded people from all over the world.

And in the second half of 2018, the Reignite tribe will be connected through our breakthrough Reignite MPower™ learning technology; a state of the art online experience like no other.

The Reignite Tribe provides you with a space to ask your questions, contribute your ideas and most importantly design your future by encouraging you to speak your truth whilst making a positive change in your life and in the lives of others.

What this means is that you’ll get to experience Reignite at the core essence of it’s existence, and when you allow yourself to open your mind, and become a part of it, we at Reignite are able to give you all that we know. 






We have a lot of members who are in their first 18 months of Network Marketing. 

They don't have time to sit and sift through hundreds of hours of training content. Rather, they just need to know how to be most effective with their time immediately. 

The Reignite Tribe allows them to immediately focus on what matters and gives practical tips to apply into their life and business. 

Many of our attendees know what to do, however it's often easier said than done when it comes to applying this knowledge. 

James' teachings are based on 16+ years of experience in Network Marketing. 

He knows exactly what it is like to try to stay motivated when it doesn't feel easy.

Working with your Tribe, you will learn how to create consistency and flow into your business.

Leading a life from a space of contribution is the ultimate responsibility in life.

To make the largest contribution on our Network Marketing teams, we must always be learning and growing ourselves through staying relevant and staying ahead of the latest trends. 

The Reignite Tribe keeps you on track to personal and business mastery through providing you a space and a voice to grow. 

If you want to learn the skills to help you get results in your life and your business, then the Reignite Tribe is for you. 

Our members are generally either: 



What our Tribe gets:

As a Reignite Tribe member, you’ll get access to experiences like no other. 

At Reignite, we continually strive to provide enjoyable & impactful education for ALL Network Marketers, however it is the experience of those we surround ourselves by that offers the greatest of rewards. 

The Reignite community is a special bunch of people. 

Driven. Passionate. Focused. Dreamers

Your learning experience at Reignite grows from a much deeper purpose than just knowledge- for we provide you with a space to connect and to align with those that understand you. 

1. All access community

Upon aligning with us, you will have 24/7 access to our community where you can partake in everything happening in the Reignite Tribe. 

You can plug in on 3 different levels: 

1. On our Reignite Academy platform

2. At our live events 

3. And in our Private Facebook forum

Education is an endless experience. Enjoyment is limitless. 

Belong to a family 

that empowers. 24/7.

Reignite Eagles

Our Reignite Eagles are leading authorities in mindfulness, business and Network Marketing, and as part of your all access community, you will have the opportunity to interact with these select individuals in our Facebook group forums and in our live Reignite Experiences. 

Dive into conversations about Presence, Awareness, Authenticity, Balance and Transformational principles, whilst learning the latest skills you need to grow your business!

2. Impactful Education

Reignite Tribe members gain access to tens of hours of exclusive training webinars that Reignite has developed just for you. You will also gain access to a handful of Reignite mini-courses to ensure that you are enhancing your Network Marketing skills each and every day.

And what makes this even more special, is that you get access to your own Academy dashboard where you can track your learning experience and access all training at the click of a button, in your own time.

Our Reignite Eagles also go live in your community just for you each and every week, so you can plug into a whole range of online training to support you growing your life and your business. 

Your learning experiences include: 

Access to a collection of Reignite Select Webinars and Mini courses

Live interviews with conscious thought leaders & Network Marketers

Access to regular skills development training with our Reignite Eagles

Regular Headspace and live meditation sessions

Weekly Skills development Q&A with Reignite Founder, James Yates

Monthly Contests where you can win

All access to your personalised online training platform

3. Access to empowering Experiences

As a Reignite Tribe member, you will gain access to our high impact and empowering LIVE Experiences. With the ability to plug into our popular Enhance & Evolve and Reignite Mastermind Live Experiences at Tribe only rates, you will also gain access to exclusive tribe only Experiences including our up and coming Reignite Retreats. 

The Reignite Retreat is an exclusive Tribe only retreat held in exotic locations all over the world and is designed to help you get the best out of your business and personal journey. 
Learn from some of the world's top coaches in the fields of Mindset, Personal Performance, Health, Network Marketing, business and entrepreneurship.

This is one retreat you do not want to miss.



4. Tribe only offerings

As a Reignite Tribe member, you will gain access to all of our Reignite Premium courses and Reignite Experiences at a 20% discount as well as all up and coming learning opportunities.

The best part: We guarantee this for the life of your membership. 

You will also hear about the latest updates and product releases before we launch anything new to market, and most importantly, you'll be offered the first seats in the house!

We are here to serve your future!

All of the best experience

at the best value!

Join the Reignite Tribe and gain the following:

24/7 access to the Reignite Tribe. 

Plug in on our Online Acadmey Platform, Live events and FB Group.  



Access to a selection of Reignite Mini courses

Live interviews with conscious thought leaders & Network Marketers

Access to regular skills development training with our Reignite Eagles

 Regular Headspace and live meditation sessions

Weekly Q&A with Reignite Founder, James Yates

Monthly Contests where you can win a variety of prizes

Your own online training platform


Be the first in the know- Hear about our up and coming Experiences before anyone else and have the opportunity to secure your seat. 

Access to Tribe only Experiences - You’ll have exclusive access to Tribe only events both online and offline, including our up and coming Reignite Retreats.


20% off ALL Reignite learning- want to enhance your whole learning experience? You’ll be given access to a tribe only discount before you pay for any Reignite courses.

20% of ALL Reignite Experiences- All up and coming events, for the life of your tribe membership.



$23 / month

Billed as a reoccurring payment each month


$17 / month

Billed as one annual payment of $204



Paid once. Access for the life of Reignite



When does my access to the Reignite Tribe begin?

By Registering now, your access will begin immediately. 

I selected to pay monthly for my tribe membership. When will I be debited?

You will be charged your first month in advance immediately, and a month from the beginning of your membership. E.g if you pre-registered for 11th April, then your billing date will be the 11th of each month.

What is your cancellation policy?

You will be entitled to terminate the subscription at any time by logging into your dashboard, and then on the billing and preferences section, select cancel. 

You will receive a confirmation via email once your membership is cancelled.

Do you offer refunds?

There is no refund option available for any of the Reignite Tribe memberships.

How much time do I need to commit per week?

It is TOTALLY up to you! The power of the Reignite Tribe, is that you can learn at the pace which suits you best. You can choose to spend a few mins a week or many hours a week. You decide.

Shall I invite my Team Members and Friends to join the Tribe?

Absolutely! A team that learns and grows together, stays and performs together!

What's the difference between the Reignite Academy and the Reignite Tribe?

The Reignite Academy was a former online Reignite program which has now been replaced by the tribe. The Reignite Tribe Membership is your one stop access point to everything Reignite has to offer. 

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